Play as Spell Guardian of wizard Order. Go in pursuit of the dreadful necromancer Waldemar and return back the spells that he stole!

 Get through an abandoned dungeon full of traps and revived skeletons. Collect magic crystals and upgrade your abilities to succeed. Explore secrets of the dungeon to find something that can help you on your mission.

Custom Control Scheme is available! If the control troubles didn't allow you to have fun it is the time to come back!


Game created by IceDrumGames

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Juhani Junkala (OpenGameArt -


Jesse Myers

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Why is the there 2 checkpoints and then no more?

I thought entering a door might trigger one but nope...

I also struggle with the control scheme. I might see if my gamepad works with this.

I managed to get to the next checkpoint and make some progress.

I'm happy you didn't dropped it. Unfortunately gamepads are not allowed and the control scheme is real problem for a lot of players and I can't do anything now.

Added custom control scheme and the gamepad support will be soon!

sadly the controls are bad , shift and ctrl need replacing with z and x - this would make it much more user friendly  and " normal "

Thank you for the review. I have changed the controls.

Added custom control scheme!